Wind of Welcome Home

לאתר בעברית

What if each moment in your life

was the one moment

you have been waiting for

all your life?


Experience is what I’m made of, what made me

and the “I” I carry along life.


I am interested in YOU. In your experience, our experience, in experiencing life.


I am drawn to express myself in the most free, authentic, passionate and loving way.

Transformation and healing is my name for the game,

the miracle which we call


I would like to invite you to an experience of exploring honestly, courageously, abudantly, the very essence of your exsitence,

the core of consciousness,

the truth,

the beauty and love that you are.


I can bring guidance, support, inspiration, knowledge, connection, experience, compassion, simple being, silence……

If there’s anything in this that you can resonate with

then maybe this is the very continuous moment

you have been looking for

for some time

in your life.

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2 Responses to Wind of Welcome Home

  1. pndrgn99 says:

    Thank you for taking the time to read my poetry. Speaking as someone who can’t seem to get below 1000 unread emails before the next crop arrives, I try not to take anyone’s attention for granted.
    I wish you A joyful holiday season,

    • shellysharon says:

      I appreciate your attention 🙂 I felt your poetry as genuine and truly coming from the heart so it was a pleasure to spend time on your space. Blessings and love

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